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After School
Enrichment Programs

Social and Emotional Learning Activities & Enrichment After School Programs

We emphasize and reinforce a positive classroom culture by teaching the development of self-management, decision making/problem solving, self-awareness and social awareness skills through sports, fitness, and activities. With our wide variety of SEL Activities & Enrichment After School Programs we encourage the parents to select the best program in their child’s area of interest or the option that will put them on the best path towards achieving their goals.

Coaches’ Responsibilities:

Sustain a Positive Relationship

Give Clear Expectations

Motivate to Build Confidence

Create a Safe and Structure Learning Environment

Students’ Responsibilities:

Learn Strength and Areas of Growth

Regulate Emotions

Communicate Effectively

Take Accountability for their Behavior and Academics

Sports, Fitness, and Activity Games:

Flag Football




Softball / Baseball



Weight Lifting



Jump Roping


Speed & Agility Training

Mobility & Flexibility Training

Weight Loss Program

Fitness Games

Hip hop & step Coach

Martial Arts


Creative Art

Social Emotional Learning games

Web Design

ABC Beats


Chess Club

Rubik's Cube

Stem Building Activities

Academic Enrichment Support and study skill program

While the design and purpose of the academic support and study skill program is to help students improve in their area of difficulties, we strongly believe in providing mentoring and the teaching of self- self-efficacy towards their education. Students will be encouraged to understand their own academic weakness and strengths to succeed. All teachers/coaches are either a certified teacher through TEA or highly qualified with a college degree and experience in their teaching field. 

Our Academic Support Includes:

Small Group Instruction/ Subject Tutoring

Peer Tutoring

Increase Motivation

Homework Help

Our Study Skills Program Includes:

Note Taking

Stress Management

Test Taking


Critical Reading and Reading Strategies

Study Hall

In Class Support

Online Tutoring

Writing Center

Math Lab

Reading Programs

School Assemblies Program

What makes our assembly program great is that we customize them to fit the district and school audience. We focus on inspiring the student’s community through skill teaching that will foster and motivate a positive change.

Life Lessons

Culture and Values


Fitness & Wellness

Team Building


Goal Setting

Community Fit Program

Fit-First (FF) is a fitness program for children-adults looking to change their health & wellness lifestyle from the inside out. Several studies have shown that a sedentary (little to no physical activity) lifestyle can be linked to a wide range of health-related issues such as; hyperactivity, lower IQ scores, overweight/obesity, diabetes, hypertension, colon cancer, high blood pressure, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse. These health-related issues can also be paired with behavioral problems and social problems that our children and adolescence today struggle with. FF has designed a fitness program that can fit the needs of athletes and individuals not participating in sports but looking to improve their overall health and functional movement. Kids who are participating in a team sport will be educated on leadership and character-building skills. as well as being coached on improving mobility and flexibility, increase lateral/linear speed, agility, quickness, and explosiveness movement to reduce the cause of injuries. Kids who live a sedentary lifestyle will be educated on the effect it has on them physically and emotionally. These group of kids will participate in beginning to moderate exercises such as; partner cardio activities, self-pace exercise and fitness games designed to increase their movement.