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Creating a fitness, health & nutrition culture at Safe Haven Youth Ranch with First Step Athletes

Sports Program

First Step Athletes is a major sport and recreational training organization that offers a variety of programs that can meet the needs of the resident at Safe Haven Youth Ranch.

Flag Football




Track & Field

Strength & Conditioning Training

Speed & Agility Training

Mobility & Flexibility

Competitive Sport Team


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Increase Focus

Positively Affects Mood

Improves Memory

Reduce the Risk of Chronic Disease

Boost Energy

Learn how to Make Health Food Choices

Target Areas

FSAA believes that physical fitness impacts mental health and can have a measurable benefit such as.

Improving Self-esteem

Lowering the Risk of Diabetes and Obesity

improves Self-control

Increase Cognitive Performance

Decrease Impulsive Behavior

Reduce Disruptiveness

Improve Decision Making

Program Steps

At Safe Haven, our competitive sports program is designed to give the residents an opportunity to participate and compete in various sports against other residents/teams, while providing a high level of training and coaching. First Step Athletes has partnered up with Katy Hustle to provide a location for the residents to play basketball, receive skills training and other programs. To make sure our program addresses and covers the major day-to-day concerns of being a student-athlete, we will be collaborating with a few coaches, sports trainers, nutritionists (health & nutrition), and former NFL athletes to help build a positive culture for success. Social and emotional development is an integral part of our overall program.

Benefits of Program

The resident will not only have a physical change but will have an increased cognitive performance. An individual health treatment plan would be provided to each resident throughout their time at the ranch Studies have shown social and emotional development in kids that will prepare them for the next phases of life. have better social skills, in an environment that before caused them to be isolated and withdrawn. We have seen more peer interaction and the ability to be redirected not only by the instructor but by their own peers as well. Having confidence that you can complete a task has reduced aggression, outbursts, and impulsive behavior by more than half. Our youth have been able to use the exercises taught to them as a coping skill to manage their own behavior, knowing that it is the fitness (movement) activity that causes them to regain control over their behavior.